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    My parents were very skeptical about me leaving home to go a hundred and ninety miles away to live in a dorm as I enrolled at GU in the fall of 1971. But the GU package of materials for parents and students explained that roommates in the dorms would be carefully matched by GU.
    Flash forward to yesterday. I was at a presentation by a respected woman attorney (President of the WA Bar Association) who talked about how computer technology has allowed the field of "roommate matching" to evolve to a precise science based upon 200+ criteria.
    Flash back to GU in September of 1971. On the boy's side of the 2nd floor of Catherine Monica, the guys to the right of my room all had last names that started with an "A" like Able or Arpin or something starting with a B or a C. My roommate's last name began with a C and my last name began with a D, and then the people across the hall from us both had last names which began with a D and then the people to the left of us had last names which began with Ds, Es, Fs, and Gs.
    My own roommate, who was a really nice guy, was 3 years older than me (I was 17), had been married to a girl / woman who sounded very exotic, but his parents captured him and his wife and forced the marriage to be annulled, and then he was sent to GU because his aunt was a nun at the Fort Wright College of Holly Names. I assume that GU determined that his profile fit nicely with my "never been kissed freshman shy virgin" profile, which might explain why I spent pretty much every night of the next 4 months in the lounge of Catherine-Monica pretending to study while my roommate bedded pretty much every cheerleader, drill team member, and attractive girl on campus. And that does not include the weekend(s) that my roommate and the guys across the hall went to Wallace Idaho to check out the "professional talent".
    I regret that I started to laugh out loud yesterday when the Bar President was explaining the technical aspects of roommate matching. Not sure what the GU approach was in the fall of 71 but I am pretty sure no computers were involved.

    In the unlikely event that my old freshman roommate Chuck C. reads this, give me a PM. I still have the match books you brought me from the "Lux" and "Luxette" hotels in Wallace.

    See you in San Jose - Go Bulldogs!
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