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Netflix's "Full Swing" Series Preview

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  • Netflix's "Full Swing" Series Preview

    Filmed during the turbulence of the PGA - LIV Golf schism, Netflix is bringing a clone of their successful F1: Drive to Survive docuseries to the streaming service next month. The linked article below offers some insight on how the series came to be, the topics to be presented, and a few of the personalities who will be featured:

    When it greenlit its new golf series 'Full Swing,' Netflix was hoping to build something like the next 'Drive to Survive'—then a controversial new Saudi league took aim at the PGA Tour and the fight for the soul of the game commenced. It’s a good thing cameras were rolling.

    So Mumm set about enlisting the majors: the Masters, the Open Championship, the US Open, and the PGA Championship. What he soon discovered surprised him. Golf’s insularity had for a long time worked in its favor: Blue-chip advertisers cared about the wealth of the sport’s audience, not its size. But in a world of social media and streaming television, the sport had fallen behind—and the people in charge knew it. For all the pomp and tradition of the Masters, Mumm explained, the tight-lipped folks who put on that tournament are “getting more progressive about how they tell the story. They know that the tournament can’t just be for old people; they need younger audiences.” (Amusingly, Mumm told me, he’s heard that the Netflix engineering team considers the Masters streaming app the best on the market—after Netflix’s own.)

    At the same time, the stuffy world of pro golf was beginning to loosen up, and the prospect of appearing on a television show held new appeal to the players. Journeyman pros like Joel Dahmen and Max Homa were building fan bases by acting less like birdie machines and more like human beings. “As I’ve progressed in my years out here on the PGA Tour, I’ve grown up a lot, but I also decided I play my best golf when I’m really enjoying it, and I’m having a good time, and I’m being myself, really,” Dahmen told me. “It wasn’t, like, a set plan of I’m going to tweet more, or I’m going to do more fun things. It was just like, well, if I continue to play good golf, and I’m having fun doing it, it’s okay to show the world that.”
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