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  • Boxing

    A few days ago there was a boxing match between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia. In the 7th round Garcia went down to his knee and stayed there while the referee counted to 10.

    My understanding of boxing rules is that this was a KO. However, my grandson considers it to be a TKO. I've look at several websites, and they seem to be confused. Some call it a KO, some call it a TKO, and some use both terms within the same website.

    Can anyone clarify this?

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    ok, no responses so nobody cares. I get it because I don't care either, except for the argument with my grandson and the weird conflicts on the websites that I looked at.


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      I am so old that I actually boxed in highschool.....can you even imagine that ?? Gonzaga's only National Championship was in boxing in 1950, thanks to Joey August and Carl Maxey.....I believe if the boxer was counted was a knockout......if the fight was stopped by the was a TKO....

      I will add that I got knocked on my butt a few times but never lost on a KO or a TKO....