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Golf's GOAT: Tiger or Jack ?

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  • Golf's GOAT: Tiger or Jack ?

    Mr. Woods car accident may mark the end of his PGA tour career. He'll be 46 in December but he's spent more time in Physical Therapy than on the golf course the last three years. Some feel he could make a comeback as Hogan did following his bus crash, but Hogan was in his 30's and hadn't racked up multiple surgeries up to that point.

    If Tiger's tournament golf career is over, where does he rank in comparison to Jack Nicklaus, who many consider the GOAT ?

    Jack won 20 majors: 2 US Amateurs and 18 professional majors. He finished second in pro majors 19 times, including 7 times in the Open, with 46 Top 3 finishes in majors overall.

    Tiger won 18 majors: 3 US Amateurs and 15 professional majors. He finished runner-up seven times, with 26 Top 3 finishes.

    Jack, along with Arnold Palmer, popularized the game the 60's and 70's. Tiger's presence grew the game from the 90's to the first 20 years of the 2000's.

    My imaginary vote goes to Jack.
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    I think it was Tiger by a mile.....Jack was pretty much down the middle on to the green and one or two puts as the others beat themselves... he actually had a pretty poor short game and used to take lessons for it.....he was boring to watch...he only had to beat a handful of players.

    Tiger on the other hand was a poor driver ....... Michelson actually said only Tiger could hit that driver ...... so Tiger was always in trouble but he could get up and down from anywhere...exciting to watch and when he was playing he got most of the Gallery Palmer

    Golf is a humbling game that requites confidence to play well,....... as Jack has said winning is " between the ears" his prime Tiger had mastered the emotional part of the game..... he knew he was going to win....the other players knew he was going to win.... and he knew the other players knew he was going to win....and he he won....against a international field of great players...

    Tiger is tied with Snead with 82 PGA victories.....Jack has 73..
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      But we don't play nobody.


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        Jack... Tiger moved the needle more but Jack was pure golf at its best. By moving the needle I mean more towards the idea of just hitting hard and long off the tees. Tiger was just better at it because the rest of his game was top notch. But his style beat the hell out of his body.
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          Bobby Jones, for a pure swing and the start of professional golf in this country.
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