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USMNT Win CONCACAF Nations League Trophy

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  • USMNT Win CONCACAF Nations League Trophy

    If you didn't watch it, you missed one hell of a game against bitter rivals Mexico. A very back and forth affair, but the US side showed the grit and determination that it has been lacking for a long long time. Pulisic is going to be a star for years to come for the USMNT... even though his play was a bit choppy last night, he had nerves of steel on the PK during the OT period.

    Story can be found here

    For the record, the Mexican team is about as dirty of a team as I have seen them field. That isn't just my observances of this game, they were starting fights against Costa Rica as well... and their fans and the biggest low-lifes of them all. Throwning stuff at players on the field not once but twice on both sides of the field is ridiculous.
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    I missed this thread earlier.

    You are right, that game was a riveting game. That game right there revealed differences between CONCACAF and UEFA. IMO, the refs were not up to the level of play in that game. The Mexican players were taking advantage of that. You could see players like Mckennie and Reyna clearly getting into situations where they walked away expecting a foul to be called only to have to spring back into action because the expected whistle didn't come. That is what CONCACAF is, and the USMNT got a good experience in that game.

    I was really happy to see the level of intensity in that game. Both sides fully treated it as a championship game and fought hard. The USMNT really needed that to blood them and to start bonding them. Star players made star plays, too. It was a fun game to watch, but had me cussing a ton.

    Mexican fans are trash. There should never be a game in Mexico with fans present for the CONCACAF WC Qualification. And US better schedule its game against Mexico in Allianz Stadium in St Paul.
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      I really think the USMNT is getting close to breaking out. They now have several players that have played and are competing well in the best leagues in the world. They are going into matches with the intent to do damage, not just survive.

      An example is their confidence level shown by playing from the back. It cost them in the opening minute because of a mistake that led to a goal but they didn’t panic and settled in nicely.

      Pulisic is way better than he showed, but others, especially Mckennie stepped up.

      The officials seemed intimidated and that worked in Mexico’s favor because they fell like they were shot if someone breathed on them.

      The foul on Pulisic could have gone either way, but I believe the ref was afraid not to call it. The hand ball called against the American was questionable at best, but I’m glad he called it because all of Mexico would have thrown water bottles and complained for years about how unfairly they were treated. I came out of my seat on the ensuing PK save. Both teams had their chance on questionable calls and the Americans performed better than the Mexicans in both instances.

      A very satisfying win over players and fans that exhibited no class.