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Griz Upset UW in Football Season Opener

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  • Griz Upset UW in Football Season Opener

    And now it’s up with Montana boys
    Down with the foe

    “No team in the country has a better winning percentage against power conference teams since 2017 than Gonzaga... the Zags are playing above average teams in the best leagues in the country and winning 78% of the time.”

    -Ken Pomeroy-

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    I like it!
    But we don't play nobody.


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      And on the other side of the state:

      Couged it = 1
      Other guys = Didn't
      But we don't play nobody.


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        I watched a boatload of Pac-12 football yesterday, and other than the USC and UCLA games, the rest of the conference did not impress me. Maybe week #2 will show improvement, but I am not holding my breath. USC should have no trouble with Stanford, but the rest is hit or miss.
        The NBA playoffs, a best of 7 is always better than a best of 1.


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          Montana beating UW is part of a pattern. They also did it in 1920.
          Not even a smile? What's your problem!


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            Love this! Missoula knows how to support their team and I've enjoyed the rivalry between them and EWU for over 20 years.

            Speaking of EWU, they also defeated an FBS team in UNLV Thursday night. Not quite the defensive smackdown that the Griz put on UW, but entertaining nonetheless. They put a 'L' on the host team in the Raider's new climate controlled stadium and looked mostly dominant while doing so.

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