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  • Lincoln Riley Deal

    10 year contract....

    Lincoln Riley USC contract details

    - $110 million

    - USC buying both his homes in Norman for $500,000 over asking ($1 million bonus)

    - Buying a $6 million home in LA for him

    - Unlimited use of the private jet 24/7 for family

    the million dollar bonus over paying for homes is a new one.
    $6 mil house in LA gets nice place in Palisades.
    Unlimited plane nice helicopter would have been more practical.
    Life in the fast lane.

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    I wonder if Brian Kelly is getting a $6 million home in LA, too?
    'I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.'
    - Gandalf the Grey


    Foo Time


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      I wonder what Karen De Boar got from UW
      Bring back the OCC


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        I wonder if Kyle Smith is getting his wheat plowed in Pullman?
        But we don't play nobody.


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          Well, Lincoln will have to do without Kedon Slovis, as he is leaving USC through the transfer portal. I actually called this two months ago, once they threw him under the bus and went with Jaxson Dart. Good luck next season USC, you will be lucky to go 5-7 now. Idiots.
          The NBA playoffs, a best of 7 is always better than a best of 1.