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  • Editing -- time limits

    I just noticed that editing is not allowed once a post becomes 5 minutes "old".

    I'm wondering if that should be reset. Obviously, we don't want ancient threads popping up to the top just because somebody went back to perform an edit. On the other hand, if someone does some fact checking and wants to add a link, or correct a mistake, or gets hotheaded and then decides to "be a man" and self-censor, I think they ought to have a few hours to decide to do that.


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    I agree with NJZag


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      The 5 minute limit

      I think the 5 minute clock is a little fast. . .is it 5 minutes from the original posting?
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        Originally posted by RenoZag View Post
        I think the 5 minute clock is a little fast. . .is it 5 minutes from the original posting?
        I think the clock starts from the time your original posting "locks" onto the board. The "Edit" button remains as an available option for 5 minutes and then disappears. THe time limit could be a little more generous.

        Another problem is this: You can find the "Edit" button still available, then hit it, make your changes, and then when you try to "save" them so they'll take, you find out the clock was still running and you're prevented from getting the edits to "take".

        When we were putting things through their paces, I found a link about the PSA from NJ -- Jordan Theodore -- I wanted to add. I wanted to put it in the body of my original post. I hit the Edit button, added the link, and when I hit save, found out I was out of time.

        We'll get these bugs worked out along the way. Kind of like buying a new house and waiting for the nail pops to emerge in the sheetrock.


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          Changed to 15 minutes

          Changed to 15 minutes


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