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  • GU Boards Site Security Certificate

    The Gu Boards Site Security Certificate must have expired for Windows Edge- it needs to be renewed. At least in my case, I can't pull the site up on Windows Edge without a workaround. In fact, it doesn't show up in a Google or Bing search. I get a warning the site is ""Not secure."

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    The site, unfortunately, is configured to only be connected by the http protocol which is unencrypted. The http protocol does not use certificates at all. Best security practices strongly recommend that internet web sites should always use https rather than http.

    The current configuration of this board makes logins/passwords and other transmitted data to be passed in clear-text (unencrypted) over the internet, which is a significant security vulnerability that only the site maintainer can fix (and they really should before some hacker logs in with an administrator password and ruins the board). Yes, it's a serious vulnerability and a disaster waiting to happen.

    I don't use Edge, so I don't know a specific fix for your case. Firefox and other browsers can allow the user to whitelist (i.e., make a security exception) an insecure site, like this one. If there isn't that option in Edge, then you'll have to use another browser. We really should be petitioning the IT maintainer to enable https for their, and our, security.

    If the Spokesman can do it for their news site, it should be trivial to add it to GUBoards.


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      Thanks much, you explained that quite clearly.


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        I will add that Google and other search engines de-prioritize sites that don't offer https as an option for accessing their site. This means GUBoards doesn't get shown on search criteria because the site is a security risk. Any random person trying to find a Gonzaga BB board likely will not get offered a link to this site.

        I tried doing a search for "Gonzaga Basketball Forum" on a popular search site (quack, quack - DuckDuckGo) and GUBoards didn't even show up in the first 100 entries! Gave up after that.

        This needs fixing ASAP.